Republicans want to name Highway 27 after Trump!

Highway 27 divides our beautiful Florida almost in half, right down the middle. Is that why a Florida representative wants to name it Trump Highway? Because our former president was a great divider?
Rep. Anthony Sabatini, R-Howie-in-the-Hills, calls Trump “one of the greatest presidents in American history.” (The Ledger Jan. 22, 2021). Lake Wales Mayor Eugene Fultz says Trump “has been labeled, and he has proven himself to be, the worst president that the United States has ever had.”
So do we really want to be known throughout the country, forever, as Floriduh, for naming this beautiful highway after the great divider? Do we really want to insult the 47.9% of Floridians who voted against Trump, per NBC News election results?
Do we really want a highway bisecting our state that will be a painful and constant slap in the face to the 25,000 Floridians who died from Covid (more than 400,000 nationwide)?
If half of Floridians really want to honor Donald Trump, they should name Palm Beach County after him — the place where he will take up residence permanently. Or maybe re-name Ocean Blvd. through the county in honor of their new resident.
But please don’t insult all Floridians by naming Hwy. 27 after him.