Renaming a state prison after Trump is more appropriate

This is the first time that I have written to Voice of the People, and I have never participated in any protests my entire life. I’m in my 80th year.

When I saw this morning’s Ledger article on renaming U.S. 27, I was outraged. [“Trump Highway? Proposal to rename US 27 rankles mayors of two cities,” Jan.22]. I’m not an attorney and U.S. 27 is a federal highway, so my first question would be: is this legal? Can the state of Florida rename a federal highway? Hopefully the answer is no it cannot.

If the Republicans want to name something after former Presiden Donald Trump, I think a state prison would be more appropriate. As president the man has told more lies and distorted the truth so often the naming a prison after him would be so appropriate.

If this renaming bill makes it to the floor of the State Congress, I will for the first time in my life organize a trip to Tallahassee and peacefully protest this bill. This is so outrageous and so infuriating I find it hard to believe that any sane person would even suggest it.

Tom Scali, Lake Wales