Tulsi Gabbard grew up the fourth of five children in a loving, simple, rough-and-tumble home in beautiful Hawaii. Happiest when running around with no shoes on, reading books, surfing, and practicing yoga, she was a reserved child with no interest in politics.

But as life went on, Tulsi began to take notice of the fact that her idyllic world was less idyllic than she thought — the needs of her community went unacknowledged; state leadership was disconnected from the people they’d been elected to serve — and at the age of twenty-one, she was elected to the State House of Representatives, the youngest ever elected official in Hawaii’s history.

It was a defining moment, one that would set the course of Tulsi’s life. IS TODAY THE DAY? tells that story and many more for a revealing portrait of a true public servant. A veteran of the Iraq War and now a bold, beloved voice in the United States congress, Tulsi Gabbard charts a corrective course for the Democratic Party and the country, and she provides keen, insightful advice for everyone — from young women, to the modern, progressive voter, and everyone in between.

IS TODAY THE DAY? is one woman’s singular life story and a guidebook for readers to better navigate the many challenges facing the American people today.