Science Deniers’

Responding to The Ledger’s editorial, “Science ‘deniers’ are all around us” [Aug. 10], regarding U.S. Rep. Ross Spano’s denial that global warming is in part the result of human activity, in fact we don’t really know what Rep. Spano thinks. We have learned to disbelieve anything that a Republican politician says. Sen. Lindsey Graham has called President Donald Trump “a [expletive] idiot.” Sen. Ted Cruz stated: “This man [Trump] is a pathological liar.” The list is long, but now they are buddy-buddy with Trump, purely for political reasons.

And Rep. Spano, also a Trumpster, what does he really believe? Who knows? Spano will do what his wealthy handlers tell him to do — the Koch Brothers, for example. Rep. Spano is in the same league as Paul Ryan and Sen. Mitch McConnell. Their souls have been bought and paid for by money. They couldn’t care less about the wants and needs of ordinary Americans.

The Ledger’s suggestion that we work harder to convince climate-change deniers is amusing in its naiveté or deceit. Our best recourse is to vote Republicans out of office. State Rep. Adam Hattersley, D-Riverview, is taking on Rep. Spano in the 2020 election. This is how we convince politicians like Rep. Spano.

Laverne Grey, Lake Wales