Our Democracy Is at Risk!

Our Democracy is in serious risk of failing! It’s easy to see how it happened, why vote when it seems like nothing ever changes. So, twenty percent of the population isn’t even registered to vote! Our voting system is based upon one person, one vote. And of the voting population, only sixty-seven percent of those eligible voters voted in the 2020 election! That was the highest voter turnout in the 21st century. Many third world countries have voting participation approaching 90%. The largest number of people who didn’t participate in the voting population was our youth. They are the ones who will have to live with their lack of voting consequences. Do nothing and you have no choice in the outcome. I feel sorry for our lack of youth involvement because they have it good now but I fear for what will happen to their future due to their apathy.

What would happen if you voted for the PERSON that had your values, to have that person support you? Now here is the tricky part; to separate their ACTIONS from their words. Donald Trump told us what he was going to do, and his ACTIONS supported his words. Liz Chaney is a conservative Republican, and her ACTIONS support her words. She said that she believes in upholding democracy. Her ACTIONS also support standing up for Democracy. The same could not be said for Susan Collins. Time and time again she said one thing and did the exact OPPOSITE. Her ACTIONS did not support her words. It has become important to vote the person rather than the party.

I know that this means more work for you. You must get INVOLVED. The consequences if you don’t are that you may wind up in a DICTATORSHIP. It is in the process of happening NOW. Support the candidates whose ACTIONS tell you where they stand. Support them by volunteering, by supporting them financially.

It starts at the local election. What do the candidates say vs. their ACTIONS. ALL elections count, you must VOTE if you want to see change. YOU must encourage your neighbors to vote. Democracy is at risk, to save it, you need to VOTE!

It also turns out that if you Vote-by-Mail, you have a better chance to getting the candidate of your choice. Why? Of the registered voters, vote-by-mail ballots have a higher rate of return vs. in-person voting.  You can examine and research the issues at your leisure. Your vote is safe! It tracked and recorded, all of which can be checked and verified from the comfort of your couch. You aren’t in long lines or in inclement weather waiting to vote. You aren’t subjected to harassment or intimidation at the voting booth. It begs the question – how can you NOT vote-by-mail?

Ronald H. McKie

Winter Haven, FL 33884