Letters to the editor: Gov. DeSantis policies nauseate

The Palm Beach Post

Opinion by Palm Beach Post 

Honoring those who defended the U.S. Capitol, those who were brutally beaten and died that day, has “nauseated” Gov. DeSantis, according to his words at a West Palm Beach news conference on Jan 6. Proudly stating the day after the 2020 election that Florida was a model for how to hold elections, then enacting laws to make it harder for people to vote and spending our tax dollars for an “election” police —  that nauseates me.

Something else that nauseates me is DeSantis setting up a private militia that only answers to him. What’s that all about? How about all the people who have suffered and died because our governor cared more about politics than saving citizens from COVID? Over and over, DeSantis shows his true self. He must not be reelected next November. He is an embarrassment to all Floridians and, quite frankly, nauseating.

Louis Weissman, Palm Beach Gardens

Jan. 6 column ludicrous

Re: “Capitol riot caused by anti-speech Democrats.” The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by a mob incited by the former president to “Stop the steal” and “fight like hell” to stop it was not a “debacle,” a fiasco, as the writer stated. It was a full-blown insurrection. Members of Congress feared for their lives and people died. Many Capitol police officers were injured and have been scarred for life by this unspeakable horror.

Contrary to what the writer states, this is not a free speech issue, a peaceful petition to the government to address grievances. No one can deny the rioters their right to free speech, and there are many media outlets to permit them to speak freely. However, free speech does not allow acts to forcibly change the results of elections by claiming fraud when no evidence of such was found. Free speech does not permit attacking and desecrating the Capitol causing death, injury and destruction. As a country, we had better be interested in who caused this and try to prevent it from reoccurring. Next time we might not be so lucky. We might lose our democracy

Henry Quartullo, West Palm Beach