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Without individuals who believe in Democracy, we will lose it! We encourage you to get involved… from local positions to county, state, and national offices. Our democracy grows through active participation.

Run for Something is a progressive American political organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting young candidates running for down-ballot office.

Brought to our attention from the League of Women Voters.

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Corrupt Attack on Florida's Solar Industry!

Please see the article below regarding corrupt practices by Florida Power & Light.  Then click the “Send an email” link at the bottom of the page to oppose Senate Bill 1024 and House Bill 741 that Florida Power & Light sponsored to try to limit energy freedom in Florida.
This is a simple click and send email template to go to appropriate state legislators.  Then you come to an option of simple click and tweet with Twitter addresses and templates.
These contacts with legislators are important! 
Sending on behalf of Kathie Sutherland
On Thursday, January 6, 2022, 2:16 PM, Katie Chiles Ottenweller, Vote Solar <> wrote:
Vote Solar 

Stand up for your energy rights

It may be a new year, but we’re still in the same fight for energy freedom. Senate Bill 1024 and House Bill 741 would decimate Florida’s thriving solar industry, risking thousands of good jobs and billions in economic development — and the bills are moving fast

In order to clear the Senate, SB 1024 must first pass the Senate Committee on Regulated Industries, and we’re expecting them to vote soon. It’s critical that committee members hear from as many Floridians as possible this week. Will you send an email now and urge them to oppose SB 1024? 

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93% of Florida residents support solar net metering, but we need to make sure we’re louder than a vocal minority that wants to gut your solar rights. Your message could be what convinces the committee to support local jobs, economic growth, clean energy, and grid resilience. Email now and ask them to vote no on SB 1024. 

Make Your Voice Heard!

The BEST Way is  to Vote-By-Mail!

In recent elections,
thousands of Polk Democrats
used the convenience of
 “Vote by Mail.”

Recent events with the Coronavirus and canceled or delayed elections are prime examples of why  Vote-by-Mail makes sense!

Lori Edwards, Polk County FL Supervisor of Elections, explains how and why you should Vote By Mail.

CLICK to watch her video.

Voter Registration Information for Polk County, FL