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Run for Something is a progressive American political organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting young candidates running for down-ballot office.

Repeal the M-CORES

The widely unpopular M-CORES, the proposed 330 miles of new toll roads through rural Florida, will
drain our state’s tax dollar coffers and steal resources from Florida’s critically needed transportation
projects. For more information check out the links below.

The LADC Action Committee is asking for you to please contact your FL state Senators and ask them to vote against SB90.

If passed SB 90 would:
  • Eliminate the use of drop boxes
  • Require individuals to request to vote by mail each election cycle, which would result in an estimated 6 million Floridians being purged from the VBM list. County election officials estimate this will also cost taxpayers an additional $12-$16 million for county outreach
  • Makes it difficult for caregivers to return ballots for individuals that have physical disabilities, as the law would require that they be an immediate family member.
  • Democrats now have a significant Vote By Mail advantage that will be wiped out if this bill passes.
Please call or email your state senator and ask them to oppose Senate Bill SB90! 
In Winter Haven, your state senator is Kelli Stargel (R).
    Phone number – 850-487-5022
In Lake Wales, your state senator is Ben Albritton (R).
    Phone number – 850-487-5026
Suggested Script:  
Hi.  My name is _____.  I live in _______, zip code ______.  I am  a senior (vet, disabled, a caregiver, etc.) and one of your constituents.  I strongly oppose SB 90 because I value voting by mail and don’t want additional barriers.  Our voting in Florida was without problems in 2020.  Please put your legislative efforts on the serious problems Floridians are facing.  
You can call as often as daily.  It only takes a minute.  You will be leaving a voicemail rather than talking to a person.  
Working together, our efforts can make a difference!

Make Your Voice Heard!

The BEST Way is  to Vote-By-Mail!

In recent elections,
thousands of Polk Democrats
used the convenience of
 “Vote by Mail.”

Recent events with the Coronavirus and canceled or delayed elections are prime examples of why  Vote-by-Mail makes sense!

Lori Edwards, Polk County FL Supervisor of Elections, explains how and why you should Vote By Mail.

CLICK to watch her video.

Voter Registration Information for Polk County, FL