America is Leaning Towards an Autocracy

Our country is heading towards an Autocracy! Is that a bad thing? Yes! The leader of an autocratic county doesn’t care about its people, and if you are against that leader and his party, you stand the risk of being jailed or worse.  You remember when Trump had the police used tear gas on peaceful protesters for a photo op? That was autocracy in action. Or Trump saying that the media is the enemy of the people. Autocracy! How about tearing children from their parents and not documenting it? How Marjorie Taylor Greene advocating the use of the “Second Amendment rights” on those trying to implement what she referred to as “tyrannical government.”

You are already seeing it now with Ron DeSantis putting together an election POLICE FORCE! The idea is to make sure that your vote doesn’t count if that vote is for democracy. What are we doing to counter this action? Monitoring of our educators to make sure that they only teach what the Republican right wing wants taught.

Our court system is broken with the appointment of right leaning judges. The Supreme Court allowed to stand Alabama’s gerrymandering map siting that it was too close to the elections to make any changes. So, all the Republican must do is to wait until it is too close to the election and then present their current iteration of redistrict map. This all goes to suppress the vote; to not allow the people’s vote to be represented.


There appears to be no accountability for all these actions. But there is one thing that we CAN do, support Democratic causes and candidates that we believe in. Support our local Democratic clubs and caucuses. PARTICIPATE! VOLUNTEER! Our very way of life as a democracy is at stake. We need to register as many new voters as we can. Talk to our neighbors, get them out to vote. We need to get so many democrats out that all of the voter suppression tactics will fail, and to have our vote count!

Ron McKie

Winter Haven, FL 33884