December Meeting

We meet on the First Thursday of each month at 4pm. We are currently conducting our meetings in person with a 1/2 hour social gathering time prior to the formal meeting. 

Our featured speakers is: Jason Garcia is Florida’s leading corporate-accountability reporter. He is the author of “Big Profits, Tiny Taxes,” which exposed how corporations dodge taxes, and a 2021 series tracing dark-money used in a “ghost candidate” election scheme.

Jason is the author of Seeking Rents, a newsletter and podcast (available on Substack) devoted to producing original journalism that examines the many ways that businesses influence public policy across Florida.

Our Mission

The Lake Ashton Democratic Club (LADC) of Polk County, Florida is an active political organization that serves as a common meeting ground for all Democrats. Dedicated to furthering the ideals of the Democratic Party, we also welcome non-party affiliated kindred spirits.

Snowflakes Are Back!

Get Involved with a great group of like minded individuals to help prepare for the 2022 Elections. We meet every Tuesday evening at the HFC Community Ctr in the basketball court room from 6-8pm. 


Snowflakes at Work!

This is important work that helps your fellow  Democrats to be (re)Elected!

Our Democratic Way of Life Is At Risk!

If you want to save our Democracy, you have to VOTE!

If you want a say in what gets put into law – VOTE!

(You know what the Republicans stand for! If you want that, vote Republican)

That means vote in local and county elections. That means vote in State elections. That means vote in National elections.

That means vote in EVERY election!




Save yourself time and frustration… Vote by Mail!

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Upcoming Events

Pictures from the August 16th Social

Please Join Us for the Next Get-Together Scheduled for:

Thursday Jan. 26th. 5-8pm in the Clubhouse Ballroom



Please join fellow Democrats...

In helping the Polk County Democratic committee have sufficient money to do their JOB and turn Polk County Blue. How is that possible? After all, we are very busy and our time is worth a lot!

Simply sign up for a small monthly re-occurring donation. Polk County DEC supports ongoing monthly contributions automatically charged to your credit card. It’s simple and painless. For less than the price of lunch out, you can help support our candidates. Just go to Polk County Democrats/contribute!

Time Persons of the Year

“Hope over fear. Unity over division. Science of fiction. Truth over lies.”
President Joe Biden

Personal Opinions...

To Tired Blue People Living in Red America: Keep Going

I’ve spoken to a lot of exhausted people this week, even with the good news that many of us have experienced through this country.

Though, nationally there was no massive Red Wave as predicted by the pollsters and the media, these activists and caring human beings have been battered by the surrounding flood waters for a long time now.

They are self-proclaimed blue dots living in red areas who are tired of fighting what feels like a losing battle.

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America is Leaning Towards an Autocracy

Our country is heading towards an Autocracy! Is that a bad thing? Yes! The leader of an autocratic county doesn’t care about its people, and if you are against that leader and his party, you stand the risk of being jailed or worse. 

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Our Democracy Is at Risk!

Our Democracy is in serious risk of failing! It’s easy to see how it happened, why vote when it seems like nothing ever changes. So, twenty percent of the population isn’t even registered to vote! Our voting system is based upon one person, one vote. And of the voting population, only sixty-seven percent of those eligible voters voted in the 2020 election! That was the highest voter turnout in the 21st century. Many third world countries have voting participation approaching 90%. The largest number of people who didn’t participate in the voting population was our youth.

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The Year that Was – 2022

2022 is the year THAT WAS.  It was the year that we retained our democracy; or, it was the year that we lost our democracy.  The words of Thomas Paine, the famous pamphleteer during the American Revolution, ring true today:

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